Condiciones de uso

Version 2019-04-20-en. Otras versiones.

1. Scope

The Terms of Use apply to our tournament planer and all connected services. They are an addition to the Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed via the Link "Terms and Conditions".

2. Organizer of the tournament / Persons responsible for the content

The MeinTurnierplan GmbH never acts as the organizer of any tournaments shown on their domains, unless explicitly stated otherwise. We provide our users with the opportunity to deposit, calculate and present their own tournament plans.

Fully responsible for the organization and evaluation is exclusively the presenter. The User uploading content is fully responsible for their content.

We cannot provide you with pieces of information regarding organization. In such cases please get in contact with the presenter, especially in the following cases:

  • one participant needs to be removed,
  • the way to the tournament cannot be found,
  • an object is missing,
  • a result is viewed as being wrong,
  • a participant is spelled incorrectly.

3. Posting of Content

It is forbidden to make content available or to distribute content via the Platform, if and as far as this content violates legal provisions, third-party rights or accepted principles of morality. In particular, content, which is discriminating, populist, sexist, glorifies violence and/or is harmful to young persons, is forbidden. Our Platform is meant to be an entertainment platform and not a political platform.

It is also forbidden to advertise other tournament planer on our Platform.

Reporting of Content

Content violating these regulations can be reported via E-Mail to Our staff will examine said content and delete if necessary.

4. Usage of our Widgets

Usage of our Widgets is allowed to all registered users, having booked a package that include widgets. Our generated widget-code shall only be modified after prior permission. Especially the following actions are forbidden:

  • changing the content of the widgets the client side via implemented code (e.g. JavaScript, CSS)
  • integrating of widgets in a way that hides the link to our Platform
  • integrating of widgets on a page that is violating legal provisions, third-party-rights or good morals. Especially integrating on Platforms with discriminating, populist, sexist, glorifying violence or youth-endangering content is forbidden.

he following actions are allowed without prior permission:

  • change of size, unless the link on our Platform will be hidden,
  • adjustments our generator could produce for an even appearance of multiple widgets.

5. Usage of our brand

Usage of our name and the brands of MeinTunierplan GmbH requires explicit permission provided by us. These can be requested via E-Mail to

6. Zustand der Software

Only the newest version of the software will be available for the users on our domain. User acknowledge to always use the version we provide them with.

The software can contain mistakes that affect usage and can falsify calculation. Therefore it should not be used for sensitive content. We make an effort to find the mistakes as soon as possible and fix it with reasonable effort. Users acknowledge that our Platform might not be free from mistakes.

Changes of the Software

We reserve the right to change the software at any time due to the following reasons:

  • to perform maintenance work,
  • to remove mistakes,
  • to make the usage easier or
  • to integrate new features.

After advanced notice via E-Mail to our registered users we reserve the right to remove features or change them major. In that case, paying costumers can make usage of an exceptional right of termination, given that the changes occur during a already booked and paid period of time.